The Right Ways To Lose Belly Fat

lower belly fat

I usually get asked what is the right ways to lose fat and pack on muscle. Many people are interested in knowing if aerobics is a better exercise than strength training. Also if the well known average cardio exercise is more efficient than interval training.Having a little more than 15 years of experience within the field of fitness, training myself and teaching others right from wrong I am sure I have the knowledge of what actually works and what dont.

I want to make sure you understand what I am acknowledging. Here is what actually works for people that dont have a lot of time to workout. I expect that the readers reading this do not have at most 90 minutes a day to workout. These days no one has enough time to get their workouts in their schedule. That is another reason why there is a disconnection between the information in magazines. The reader who read those magazines cant use the info they find in fitness magazines because of the shortness of time they have.

No one has time to exercise 6-8 hours a week. Think, you dont need to actually workout 6-8 hours a week unless youre a tri-athlete. If you just want to burn off fat and pack on muscle you just need a system that will do that.

The main point for getting a nicer body is to use body weight exercises to get your warm up going then strength training super sets to build that muscle and then finish with interval training to get rid of the fat in a quick amount of time.

Turbulence Training is the only workout program that provides a system that was built to have you done with your workouts in 45 minutes, only doing this three times a week. You will begin doing a 5 minute bodyweight exercises as your warm up. This is a lot more effective than spending time on the treadmill, which dont do anything besides getting you ready to walk more on the treadmill.

Now, you will start the strength training supersets. Doing two exercises back to back with as little rest as possible between each one. Doing this cuts your workout time and gains maximum results. This just takes 20 minutes of your time how little is that? Basic exercises will be done and depending on the persons goal for packing on muscle more bodyweight workouts will be done.

At last 18 minutes of great interval training. A sweet warm up followed by six but short intervals thats exactly right for the client. Then a real short, low intensity recovery for your muscles. Completely finish it with a relaxing cool down and that is what the workout is about. Remember it is just 45 minutes of your day and only three times a week.