Clear Coat For Your Nails And Your Mascara?

Clear coat is a must-have when you’re doing your nails. We use the same concept for hair color and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never have a color without it again. But, does it do the same thing for your lashes? Some companies say it does and their satisfied customers agree that the newest addition the cosmetics family, mascara sealer or topcoat, is the greatest thing going on the market today.

Mascara sealer came about as an alternative to waterproof mascara. The theory is that you can continue to use your favorite brand that produces the kind of results you love even when you’re swimming or about to have a good cry-fest because the top coat mascara acts as a sealant (much like waterproof mascara does) that holds streaks, smudges and smears at bay. These sealers also are touted for their ability to add shine, length and volume by pumping up the shaft of your lashes – now who doesn’t want that!

Women who love this new product say that it delivers on every count. One shopper said that her mascara always ended up smeared right under her brow bone because she doesn’t have deep set eyes. Once she started applying a mascara top coat she no longer had the problem. For those with wimpy lashes, the added texturizing that sealers can give is an added benefit to the strength and smudge-free wear. And almost everyone agrees that these top coats make your mascara waterproof even to the point of not being able to remove it.

As with any product, especially a new one, there will be those who love it and those who hate it. Those who are not so pleased with this new addition to the mascara family (and even some who love it despite its flaws) all agree that these clear coats are hard to remove, even with the eye makeup remove included in some kits. One consumer said that even after using a great eye makeup remover, she still had to wait two days for the sealer to wear off. She said she loves it so much that she just knows she’ll be using it every other day while she waits for the remover to do its job. Other complaints are that it made lashes clumpy and that it never really dried so lashes were tacky and stuck to mostly each other but often to the skin around their eyes.

Because it is made out of polymers there is some debate about possible health risks to your eyes should the product get inside. Many unhappy consumers also reported that because the product is so difficult to remove, they actually lost lashes trying to get back to clean lashes.
The bottom line is that you’ll have to try it to really know if it’s right for you. Mascara sealer could be just the right thing for you. However, if you already have a waterproof mascara that you’re satisfied with, you might want to consider yourself lucky and stick with what you know and like and can get off your lashes.

Causes Of Acne On The Chin And Jawline

If you suffer from acne on the chin and jawline than you are not alone. In fact you and many others between the ages of 25-55 years of age are suffering from the same type of acne. The good news is that there are ways to treat it, however first an important step in treatment and prevention of chin and jawline acne is to understand what causes it in the first place.

Acne triggers

A few things that seem to trigger chin and jawline acne in women in their thirties are the stress of everyday life and changes in hormones. Acute stress triggers oil glands in your body which then secrete more hormones causing acne to breakout.

Other causes

Another thing that could be possibly making your chin and jaw breakout is if you have the habit of resting your hand on your chin. Resting your hand on your chin or jawline causes excess dust to clog the sebaceous gland pores and then makes it more susceptible for bacteria to enter which then leads to acne formation. Touching your face a lot can also result in the same type of cause and effect.

Another common cause of chin and jawline acne occurs when the area becomes irritated by things touching the affected skin, such as wearing a bicycle helmet, or your hair touching your skin. Sometimes conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome in women can also be the cause of acne outbreaks.

Repeatedly touching objects and then letting them come in contact with your face can cause acne on and around your chin and jawline as well. For instance when laying your head on a pillow or using a cell phone frequently. Washing these items regularly with alcohol pads or disinfectant wipes can be helpful in removing bacteria and reducing the chance of acne forming. Wash and change your pillow cases every two to three days for best results.

Some cosmetics have been shown to irritate skin if it is already affected with acne.  If this happens to you then it would probably be best to wash cosmetics off before bed, and also to switch to cosmetics with all natural ingredients. So ladies, the next time you go to the store to buy makeup, opt for the organic lines of mineral makeup, your face will thank you later!

What you can do to reduce acne

Besides seeing a dermatologist and treating your acne with topical medications and/or antibiotics some things that you may want to consider are adapting healthy habits such as exercising daily or getting a proper night’s rest. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping stress to a minimum can also be beneficial. When you are feeling good about yourself on the inside, you will feel better and look better on the outside as well. Good health and a relaxed mind can go a long way in the treatment and prevention of acne, as can keeping a positive attitude.  A healthy body and mindset will help keep skin looking healthy as well and should help to reduce acne.

A few other tips when trying to keep acne under control are to keep your hands away from your face, or wear your hair tied back from your face if you have long hair that likes to get in the way. If you play sports or an instrument such as a violin be sure that you change the chin pads, helmets, or chin rests or wash/wipe them down on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of bacteria from forming in these areas.

Washing your face every day and night with a medicated cleanser or with warm water and a mild soap can prove to be beneficial. Just make sure that you are not excessively washing as that can lead to further irritation or dryness of the skin and lead to more outbreaks. Using cleansers that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can be most effective in treating acne on the chin and jawline. If this doesn’t seem to work make sure that you see a dermatologist or update your dermatologist on this so that they can find you a stronger and more effective treatment.

Rules For Magnificent Nails

Many of you can do your own nails in any shade from violet to French to jet black, and it looks like you paid good money for the manicure. Many of you can not. If you are on of the “can nots,” help is on the way. While there is no cure for a shaky left hand (or right) but practice, there are a few tips that can improve your quest for a successful at-home manicure that will let you leave the house in even the most “Hello!” shade of polish.

1. Short is in. The days of glamour-length nails are over. If you’re stuck on nails longer than a few centimeters, clip those talons and don’t look back. Trendy nail color is vibrant and bright, and dark color doesn’t look great on long nails. Be sure your nails are evenly filed – yes, you must file them. Whether you prefer rounded or blunt edges, make them symmetrical. If one breaks, cut the others to the same length or as close to it as you can get. Waiting for one to grow back so they’re all the same length again is not so chic.

2. Buff your nails. Invest in a top quality nail buffer that has a side for smoothing out any ridges or peels, a side for buffing and a side for polishing. Your nails should be smooth and have a shine to them when you’re done. Avoid any buffers that cause the pink of your nail to turn white. The goal is to buff out the ridges, not scratch them. A smooth nail is the sign of a good manicure. Your color will go on 10 times smoother and will stay inside the lines of your cuticles better when your nail surface is smooth.

3. Take care of your cuticles. Bright colors are like a spotlight on scraggly cuticles. The answer to dry, peeling skin around the nails is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Use a cuticle oil in the morning and at night. If your hands are especially dry, rub it in like a lotion and let it seep into the skin. The oil also works well on the nail itself.

4. Stain, stain, go away! There are few things worse than nails that are stained with the last color they wore. If you already have stains, soak your nails in a solution of water and denture cleaner. It’s safe and it really works. Once your nails are clean, always apply a base coat before any color. Be sure to allow your nail time to dry before applying the base coat, and allow the base coat to dry before applying any color.

5. Polish in layers and allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next. If you use a quick-dry top coat to help, be sure to wipe it off between coats. It is an oil based polish that can cause polish-ruining smudges.

6. To make you bright colors really pop, apply a thin first coat of white. Don’t go all the way to the edges of yor nail so the color won’t peek through along the sides.

All The Help You Need To Order Exposed Skin Care

If you are confused about ordering the Exposed Acne Treatment System, then don’t you worry as help is at hand. You can buy the Exposed Skin Care System online in a few simple and easy steps. Here is complete online ordering process of the Exposed Skin Care Solution.

Add to cart

Exposed Skin Care System allows you to buy both – individual Exposed Skin Care Products as well complete acne treatment kits. If you are looking for complete skin care kits then you can choose between Exposed Five Piece Basic Kit, Exposed Six Piece Expanded Kit and Exposed Four Piece Trial Kit.

However, if you are looking for individual products, you can opt for any of the following products.

* Exposed Facial Cleanser

* Exposed Clearing Tonic

* Exposed Acne Treatment Serum

* Exposed Clear Pore Serum

* Exposed Moisture Complex

* Exposed Clarifying Mask

* Exposed Microderm Scrub

* Exposed Derm X Cloth

* Exposed Probiotic Complex

Whatever product or kit you want to choose, just hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button below the same.

Check your shopping details

After you have selected, the Exposed Skin Care Kit of your choice, you would be directed to a page that displays your shopping summary. This page will display the products in your shopping cart and the amount you need to pay for the same. You can verify your shopping details on this page and if you affirm the same, simply click on the ‘Checkout’ button given at the bottom of the page.

Returning customer vs new customer

Have you purchased Exposed Skin Care products before? If yes, then simply provide your user ID and password given on the left side given under the ‘returning Customer’ column. This will help speed up the process of purchase as you will not have to enter your personal information again.

However, there is nothing to worry even if you are buying your Exposed Skin Care Kit for the first time. Just provide your email ID in the new user column and click ‘Continue’.

Provide your personal details

The next step to buy your Exposed Skin Care Kit would be to provide your personal details. You are required to fill up a form that asks for your basic contact information such as first name, last name, address, state, zip code, e-mail id. You will also need to specify a password for your account. After you have provided all the information, click ‘continue’.

Make your payment

This is the last step in buying Exposed Anti Acne Solution. Exposed allows you to make your payment using a credit card. You can use Visa, MasterCard or American Express to make your payment. Simply choose your credit card type from a pull down menu. You also need to enter the name as mentioned on the credit card, and its expiration date.

Once you have provided all the details, click on ‘Complete the order’ and your Exposed ordering would be done. Just follow these steps and you will be able to order Exposed successfully.

How To Simplify Your Beauty

We all want to look our best each morning as we head out to the office, school or daily errands. Unfortunately, time management isn’t always practiced and we can often feel rushed. Instead of gripping about how you don’t enough hours in the day to get ready, try a few simple tricks to make your beauty routine so simple you’ll be able to look fabulous each day in record time.

Skincare continues to be an intimidating factor for many people. Most consumers tend to get wowed by the flashy commercials on television and the promises of youth and beauty trapped in fancy and intricately designed bottles on the shelves. But what skincare products do you actually need? Is it really necessary to buy an entire kit filled with various types of special lotions and exfoliants?

The first thing to keep in mind is to only buy skincare products that you actually need and will use on a daily basis. Keeping that in mind, the essential building blocks of all skincare lies in having a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Your skin type will dictate what type of products you need and which ones will be the most useful.

According to BirthOrderPlus some people don`t use toner, while others swear by it. If you have oily skin, you may skip out on moisturizer whereas dry skin types can`t live without it. Talk to a dermatologist or skincare specialist to find out the bare minimum your skin can get away with.

Remember, all skincare products have expiration dates so if you’ve got a sink full of different types of items, check the dates and toss them if you know you won’t use them and your skin doesn’t need them. When you have all of your necessary skincare items displayed in your bathroom that eliminates the need to go through your collection to find just the right cleaner or moisturizer.

When it comes to your morning makeup routine, it helps to plan ahead by doing so in the evening. After choosing what outfit you’re going to wear, decide the night before if you want to wear makeup. If so, choose your color palette and lay it out neatly on your bathroom counter. This cuts down on the minutes normally used to figure out what shade and which type of lipstick or mascara you want to use. Be sure you know where all your makeup is ahead of time as well.

Organization is key when it comes to time management and your beauty routine. Expedite your beauty ritual in the mornings by keeping all of your makeup in one or two well-known places. Tossing your lipsticks in your purse and having your mascara on top of a dresser somewhere while your foundation is in your car can make life a lot more difficult than it really needs to be.

For hair matters, keep things simple by trying out hairstyles that can be put together the night before. Braiding your hair overnight can give you a cascade of natural waves in the morning. All you have to do is unbraid and tousle your hand with your fingers and you’re good to go! If you usually curl your hair in the mornings but find that it takes a lot of time, try using preset heated rollers the night before or regular rollers. If all else fails, put your hair up in a fashionable ponytail with a few hair accessories to keep it from being bland or use a large butterfly clip to secure your hair tightly and neatly.

Breast Actives Review – How to Increase Breast Size Guide

My name is Arvella I love this product I had a size of 32 AA and now I see a great improvement I have only been using Breast Actives for 2 months and already see a great improvement I went from flat to full. I don’t have to use padded bras I can do braless and fell comfortable about myself and my chest.” – Arvella Nelson Rialto, CA

What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is a wholly natural breast enhancement product that increases the size and improves the shape of your breasts. The formula is capable of adding inches to the bust and the results are visible in as short a time as a few weeks. It seems to be a cheaper and more effective alternative to surgical solutions for obtaining fuller and firmer breasts, as it contains natural and safe ingredients. There are also no side effects and it does not increase the overall body weight, such as many other herbal formulas in the market are prone to do.

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How to purchase the product?

Breast Actives can be ordered online from the official website. All the orders are shipped to your address in very discreet packaging without any mention of the product details on the outside. The privacy of the person can absolutely be maintained. Online orders can be placed with the help of your credit card. The shipping costs are $11.50 for US orders and in case of non US orders, the shipping and handling costs amount to $29.95.You can order by credit card, by check, by fax or by cashier’s check by mail.

How does it work?

breast_actives_packThe formula contains phytoestrogens. These are plant estrogens that are non-hormonal and help stimulate the body. It enables production of breast tissue and growth. The body automatically produces such estrogens during puberty resulting in development of breast tissue and they determine the shape and size of the breasts. When the hormone levels are lower, the results are smaller breasts.


Breast Actives contains more than thirteen safe herbs, such as fenugreek seeks extract, saw palmetto berry and fennel seed. Other herbs used are Mexican Wild Yam Root, Damiana Leaf, Mother Wort Herb and Oat Grass. Herbs such as L-Tyrosing, Black Cohosh Root Extract, Blessed thistle herb and hops flower; along with dong quai root and Pacific Kelp are also part of the carefully chosen herbs. All the above herbs have been commonly used for several centuries and they are all listed by the FDA as safe foods.

How to use

Three capsules must be taken in a day on a daily basis with a glass of water and there is one month’s supply. The capsules must be taken along with a meal. The capsules must be split throughout the day in order to achieve optimal results. You can take one capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Each bottle has 90 pills and the person should start with 3 pills in a day. You need to start with at least 4 to 6 bottles.


By using Breast Actives, the tissue growth is stimulated and you can have bigger, fuller and firmer breasts. There will be an overall increase in the size of the breasts within 4 to 8 weeks and the cup size will surely increase at the end of three months.


It is a natural and herbal dietary supplement. There are no known side effects. There are also no reports of any weight gain. Symptoms of menopause and PMS are considerably reduced. It is also noticed that nails and hair grow faster after use of Breast Actives, along with better skin tone.


The product is known for balancing hormones and promoting a feeling of well being and creating a positive mindset. Pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating women should stay away from the product. Also, those who are allergic to some ingredients might not be able to use the products. As with any other dietary supplement, it is important that the person consults a physician, especially those having any special medical conditions.