An Overview Of Different Causes Of Sore Throats

The fact that it’s so common often makes people think that it’s caused by only one agent, and they try to use the same kind of medication to try and get rid of it each time they get infected. However, you should always remember that this condition can be caused by a vast number of pathogens.

In many cases, treatment does not need more than just relaxation and some rest, though sometimes one may need to visit a doctor to get medication for it. Ultimately, the only way to find out what treatment would be best is to find out what organism caused it and then treating this.One of the most common organisms responsible for causing sore throat are bacteria.

Our mouths are usually filled with many different kinds of bacteria, even with proper dental care. Most of the time, such bacteria do not cause any problem. However, when there are conditions such as lack of proper dental hygiene, such bacteria can multiply and induce an inflammatory reaction in the throat that manifests as pain. This kind of sore throat is often treated using antibacterial mouthwash and by proper dental care.

Another cause of sore throat are viruses. There are many different kinds of viruses that often cause this condition, even if they affect other parts of the body. Some of these include Epstein Barr virus, which infects white blood cells, the influenza virus, and sometimes the virus that causes cold sores (herpes virus). Infection with these agents is often not amenable to any kind of drugs, and in many cases the only treatment you can use is symptomatic, which means taking medication meant to soothe the throat.

Viral sore throats are the most common kind.In addition to that, there are other pathologies that can also induce pain in the throat. For instance, breathing with your mouth rather than through your nose tends to dry out the membranes around the throat, and this causes pain.

If you suffer from GERD, the acidic contents from the stomach can also reach your esophagus, causing pain as well. Infection of the lymph nodes around the throat can also cause enlargement of these nodes, and can also induce pain.In some cases, a sore throat can also be due to medication. For instance, when you have oral thrush and are given medication to treat it, one of the side effects that you may end up encountering includes sore throat.

The condition can also occur in cases where you receive therapy in the form of ionizing radiation to treat other causes such as throat cancer. A prolonged sore throat can also be part of the symptomatology of some diseases, such as the early stages of AIDS or even some kinds of cancer.

As you would appreciate, there are many different causes of this kind of pain. Majority of them are viral, and often end up resolving on their own in a few days. However, if you experience a sore throat for longer than a week or find that there are other accompanying symptoms that are not consistent with a simple sore throat, it’s often a good idea to seek medical advice.